Holiday Fundraising Event 
Virtual Bake Sale

After raising 600 kittens this year we are just too pooped to bake, so just look at these wonderful creations, don't ingest those calories and do some guilt-free dessert "shopping" to benefit the kittens.   You'll thank us later!

Assorted Cookies

Let your cookie imagination run wild with this yummy assortment.



Calories will NOT go straight to your thighs with these treats.


Apple Pie

This pie is virtually the
best out there!

Almond Cookies

They look puffy and delicious -better than the pink box kind.


Bundt Cake

This picture looks good
enough to eat...


Party Platter

A sampling of all the goodies we would have made, sigh...


This crusty chocolate confection is the stuff dreams are made of...


Chocolate Stack

Makes your heart go pitter-pat
in a good way!


Mousse Tort

The ultimate in decadence to satisfy only your mind.

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